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Jasna Góra

Shrine of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Częstochowa

Custodian of the Sanctuary

Here you can learn how to order a Holy Mass, take care of formalities related …

Jasna Góra Information Center

Book a guide for Jasna Góra for organized groups and individual pilgrims in many popular …

Jasna Góra Appeal

Join the Online Jasna Góra Appeal at 9:00 PM GMT+1We invite you to be part …

Jasna Góra Rosary Family

Join the Jasna Góra Rosary Family and discover the power of united prayer! Together, we …

The Miraculous Image of Our Lady and the History of Jasna Góra

Discover the extraordinary history of Jasna Góra's greatest treasure – the Miraculous Image of Our Lady with the Infant Jesus. Learn about its mysteries and spiritual significance, which has attracted pilgrims from around the world for centuries.

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Paulines - Servants of Mary

Meet the Pauline monks, who at Jasna Góra and in many corners of the world, serve God, Mary, and people with full devotion. Discover their history, steeped in faith, dedication, and tireless service to others. Their mission includes providing spiritual care and support to thousands of pilgrims and parishioners worldwide.


Are You Ready to Become a Pauline?

Are you seeking challenges and want to do something truly exceptional? Do you want to follow Jesus and serve Him through others? Choose a path that will give your life deeper meaning. Become one of the monks who passionately help pilgrims at Jasna Góra and around the world, dedicating their lives to God. Through the Eucharist, the sacrament of reconciliation, and various forms of support, they aim to create a better world, serving God and Mary. Click here to learn more. Join the Pauline community, experience fraternal unity, participate in daily prayer, develop your talents, and be a witness to God's love for humanity.

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Support the Jasna Góra Shrine – a place of spiritual transformation and an outstanding architectural gem, cherished by thousands of pilgrims from around the world.